Top 80 Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Anthropology is a study that deals with the behavior of humans and primates. There are many branches of anthropology that are often given due consideration. However, research on biological anthropological topics would cover evolution patterns, the study of fossils, health, reproduction, and physiology of human and nonhuman primates alike. biological anthropology research topics are interesting because they walk you through the evolution story of intelligent beings. Below is a list of interesting biological anthropological topics you would want to explore.

Biology Anthropology Topics on Human Behavior

  1. The mating pattern of ancient human primates
  2. Is homosexuality as old as humanity?
  3. What are the gender differences between males and female primates?
  4. The similarities between human and nonhuman primates
  5. How nonhuman primates handle the death of a loved one?
  6. What were the primary causes of death among premodern primates?
  7. Why male dominance and strength is important among primates?
  8. The differences between the ancient and modern societal organization
  9. Primitive parenthood
  10. Comparing ancient primates’ genes to modern genes
  11. Why do humans evolve faster than nonhuman primates?
  12. War as a significant part of ancient primates

Interesting Biological Anthropological Topics on Human Evolution

  1. The skin's adaptation to harsh whether
  2. Did humans become less tough when life became easier?
  3. The human system and its interaction with eating raw food
  4. Hunting as a primary ancient occupation
  5. The differences between primitive and modern technology
  6. Human adaptive self-defense against predators
  7. How humans survived natural disasters like tsunamis
  8. Did the human immune system also adapt to the environment?
  9. Different ways that man develops means for comfortable living

Some Anthropology Topics on Primates

  1. The reproductive system of animal primates
  2. The features and characteristics of primates
  3. Why are humans classified under primates?
  4. How human primates evolved over the years?
  5. The survival techniques of primates
  6. Is the immune system of primates stronger?
  7. What did the food primates consist of?
  8. Why were human primates more reproductive?
  9. Primate species that have gone extinct
  10. What are the distinctions between primates and other mammals?
  11. Do all primates have a social structural organization?
  12. Evaluating the intelligence of apes
  13. Comparing the evolution of human and nonhuman primates
  14. How primates battled infection
  15. What was the mortality rate of primates?
  16. The physical similarities between monkeys and apes
  17. What are the different species of primates that exist?
  18. How did languages evolve?

Biology Anthropology Topics on Human Development

  1. The evolution of humans according to Darwin's theory
  2. Unique features of the iron age
  3. The differences between the iron age and the age of technology
  4. The racial distinction between humans
  5. How fossils determine the age of species?
  6. The features of the stone age
  7. The characteristics of human foraging
  8. The relationship between humans and caves
  9. The growth cycle of humans
  10. Why DNA is a significant part of humans?
  11. The history of racism amongst people
  12. Did ancient primes suffer from cancer?
  13. The human cycle of aging
  14. The evolution of human cosmetology
  15. The pace of human development beyond other primates
  16. How genes determine the offspring of humans?
  17. The science of human adaptation to her environment her environment
  18. The significant use of pyramids as an ancient tomb

Human Biology Research Topics for You

  1. The characteristics of the black death
  2. How man and medicine have evolved over the years?
  3. What are the differences between herbs and tablets?
  4. Analyzing the evidence of the transatlantic slave trade
  5. How infections become adaptive to antibiotics
  6. Difficult surgical procedures in the past
  7. How our ancestors handled cases of sickle cell anemia?
  8. The problem of leprosy
  9. Comparing Covid19 and previous outbreaks of the coronavirus
  10. Comparison between ancient and present medical tools
  11. Biological anthropology research topics on Paleoanthropology
  12. What are the benefits of studying human past?
  13. The rich culture of Egyptian mummification
  14. What are the differences between the earliest fossils and the present human skeletal system?
  15. What are the types of equipment used in excavation sites?
  16. The Asian practice of cremation and its significance
  17. The evidence that dinosaurs walked the earth
  18. What is the dating technique in Paleoanthropology?
  19. Are there fossils of species that have gone extinct?
  20. What are the skeletal structural differences between nonhuman and human primates?
  21. How are fossils preserved?
  22. The importance of dating in human history
  23. The differences between BC and AD in dating history

Conclusive notes

Biological anthropological topics are interesting and exciting to research. To begin, you should pick a topic from the list of topics here and enjoy your research.