40+ Controversial Biology Topics

Controversial topics in biology are topics that would require critical thinking before you address them. These topics may be argumentative, explanatory, or sensitive but would have facts backing up claims. More often than not, controversial biology topics would come from any subject matter. However, there are specific subject matters that are usually topics of controversy in biology. Here is a list of controversial biology topics that would be worth your research.

Controversial Biology Topics on Health

  1. Drinking water: consuming a lot of water flushes out the important nutrients that the body needs
  2. Healthy foods: are the nutrients in vegetables better retained uncooked or cooked
  3. Overweight people are more likely to develop chronic diseases.
  4. Cancer: there may never be a cure for the deadly disease
  5. Stem cell treatment: its features and effectiveness for energizing the cells
  6. Infections in the body: are there healthy bacteria that should remain in the body?
  7. Hereditary conditions: why science has not sorted out ways to boycott the transmission of health conditions from parents to children
  8. Offensive odor from people: one important cause of offensive odors is health conditions
  9. The reactions from using certain medication may cause more complications
  10. Sexual intercourse: the health implications of early exposure to sex should be checkmated by an age restriction on sex
  11. The treatment of cancer does more harm to the body
  12. Should over-the-counter medication be considered to be drug abuse?
  13. Skin protection: does tanning the skin have more negative effects than toning the skin?
  14. Immunotherapy: the effectiveness of immunotherapy to curing chronic diseases is minute
  15. HIV and AIDS patients can reproduce children without putting them at risk
  16. Children living with disabilities: are preferential treatments given to children living with disabilities counted as discrimination?
  17. Animals in the wild should be allowed to heal from their wounds on their own
  18. Food supplements: are there any negative effects from using food supplements?
  19. Oxidative stress: ways that unavoidable everyday activities affect the cells negatively
  20. Is drinking one's urine healthy?
  21. Reflex actions: sneezing and coughing should not be considered rude because we cannot waste control them

General Controversial Biology Topics

  1. Homosexuality is not determined biologically: it is a matter of choice
  2. Contraceptives may harm people who use them
  3. Maintaining balance in the body: the pinky finger may be the extremely important finger on your hand
  4. Marriages: people with non-compatible blood groups should not consider getting married
  5. Humans are not extremely different from other primates in intelligence
  6. Reptiles: did the big bang eliminate all of the world's dinosaurs?
  7. Charles Darwin's evolution theory may not entirely be foolproof
  8. Vaccination: the coronavirus vaccine should not be administered if vaccinated persons can still be infected
  9. Obesity: losing weight as an overweight person is impossible without surgery
  10. The earth may not accommodate human activities for much longer
  11. Population growth: there is no way to control world population without eliminating species
  12. The problem of global warming: there may be no way to effectively repair the earth's ozone layer
  13. Deforestation for human sustenance: the necessary evil of eliminating life to sustain another life
  14. Since viruses need a host to survive, HIV can only be contracted through sexual intercourse
  15. Evolution of primates: apes may be able to become more civilized as time passes
  16. Depression: depression is an acceptable state of mind and not always a health condition
  17. Breastfeeding children: does breastfeeding children cause sagging breasts in women?
  18. Parenthood: should DNA testing be a compulsory part of antenatal or postnatal care?
  19. Owing to the distinguishing features of whales, they should not be classified as fishes


Controversial topics in biology may require some extra digging while doing research. Be that as it may, the satisfaction from the results is often worth the hard work.