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"Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. It is a seeking that he who wishes may know the cosmic secrets of the world and they that dwell therein."

— Zora Neale Hurston


"In biology, nothing is clear, everything is too complicated, everything is a mess, and just when you think you understand something, you peel off a layer and find deeper complications beneath. Nature is anything but simple."

— Richard Preston

150 Best Biology Research Topics

Biology is one of the broadest fields of study because it involves every living thing. This means that biological topics for research will equally be as broad as the field itself. Topics in biology include cells, plants, animals, the human body, organisms, etc. Biological research questions are often fascinating to deal with as they aim to explain everyday behavior. Here, you'll find biology research questions that can be used to write essays or a biology research paper.

Biological Research Topics on Botany

  1. Photosynthesis and its importance
  2. Can plant growth be controlled?
  3. The peaceful cohabitants between plants and man
  4. The reproduction process in plants
  5. The importance of fertilizers for plant growth
  6. Pests and their dangers to healthy plants
  7. The growth cycle of plants
  8. Flowers and their relationship with insects
  9. Why weeds are considered to be bad plants
  10. Some plant diseases that exist
  11. Are cactus plants really dangerous?
  12. How age is determined in plants
  13. How flowers get their distinct colors
  14. The evolution of unique plant species
  15. Can plant species go extinct?
  16. What are the contributions of bees and insects to plant growth
  17. Factors responsible for stunted growth in plants
  18. Why certain plants are considered to be carnivorous
  19. Why microbes are consumed in food

Interesting Biology Topics on The Human Body

  1. Why excessive cholesterol is bad for the health
  2. The brain is the motherboard of the body
  3. Man's possible ability to age backward
  4. How the human body heals its injuries
  5. Why male and female body structures differ
  6. The key elements that help humans with mobility
  7. Understanding the skin as the largest organ
  8. The brain structure
  9. The ear as an organ for maintaining balance
  10. How nails keep growing
  11. The rationale behind the potency of immunization for fighting diseases
  12. The theory of vaccination and its efficiency
  13. The human skeletal system
  14. Why dead bodies decay
  15. The functions of the human heart
  16. How fossils tell the history of time and place
  17. Why the ability to clone humans may be possible
  18. The primary causes of bipolar disorder
  19. An insight into why the human body gets weak and die
  20. The functions of melanin and how it achieves its goal
  21. What are the determinants of human IQ?

Interesting Biology Research Topics on Females

  1. Changes in hormones caused by pregnancy
  2. The menstrual cycle
  3. Why females may weigh lesser
  4. The aging pattern of females
  5. The changing effects of taking contraceptives
  6. The structure of the female x chromosome
  7. The skeletal structure of females
  8. Achieving orgasms in females
  9. The genetic makeup of female ovaries
  10. Childbirth procedures
  11. Menopause: why every woman must experience menopause
  12. Why males are unable to bear children
  13. The brain structure of females
  14. The physical and mental evidence of a young female undergoing puberty
  15. Are birth defects caused by women's genetic makeup?

Biology Research Paper Topics on Marine Biology

  1. What is the mystery behind the dead sea?
  2. Why aquatic creatures can see underwater
  3. What are the survival tactics of smaller fishes that are often prey to predators?
  4. The ability of crocodiles living in the water and on dry land
  5. What are the best ways to manage great water bodies?
  6. How sea animals evolve through adaptation
  7. Why camouflage is a common feature among sea creatures
  8. The backward aging nature of jellyfishes
  9. The effects of water pollution on living things in the sea
  10. Does an octopus have no bones?
  11. Investigating the oldest living sea creatures

Biology Topics to Research on Males

  1. The nature of erect penises
  2. Why testosterone plays a larger role in the male gender
  3. The genetic makeup of spermatozoa
  4. The structure of the male y chromosome
  5. The determining factors in human reproduction
  6. Why males are more prone to contracting certain illnesses like colon cancer
  7. The biological explanation behind hermaphrodites
  8. Understanding the sexual drive of the males
  9. The physical and mental evidence of a young male undergoing puberty
  10. Are the male DNA responsible for the number of kids the woman lo produces at once
  11. Make hormones: the similarities and distinctions between male and female behavior

Biology Research Topics on Animals

  1. The reproductive organs of female mammals
  2. The growth cycle of terrestrial animals
  3. Living creatures that exist underwater
  4. The differences between fishes and whales
  5. The aging cycle of birds
  6. How birds get their distinct coloration
  7. How polar bears survive the cold weather
  8. Why dogs can be trained to perform certain tasks
  9. The distinct features of dolphins as extremely smart mammals
  10. Can animals get the HIV/AIDS virus?
  11. Are chickens the closest relatives to extinct dinosaurs?
  12. Why do rare species need to be protected at all cost
  13. The science of cross-breeding animals
  14. Understanding male pregnancy in certain animals
  15. Why certain animals can be domesticated
  16. The differences between the human and animal hearts

Biological Topics on Cells

  1. How can one boost the immune system?
  2. The importance of cells in the body
  3. Why cells turn cancerous
  4. The hereditary factor in living organisms
  5. The effects of DNA modification on living things
  6. What stem cells technology means
  7. The importance of rebuilding worn-out cells
  8. Immune boost
  9. What are the differences between infectious bacteria
  10. The effect of free radicals on the cell
  11. How microorganisms develop the ability to resist drugs
  12. What may be the possible causes of epilepsy?
  13. The meaning of oxidative stress
  14. The composition of human urine
  15. How hormonal therapy can be used
  16. The meaning and nature of parthenogenesis
  17. Studying cells through diffusion
  18. The differences between red and white blood cells

Topics to Research on Genes and Human Behavior

  1. The effectiveness of immunotherapy to cure deadly diseases
  2. The genetic explanation for homosexuality
  3. PTSD: its symptoms and effect on the health
  4. Why do women go through trauma after childbirth?
  5. The credibility of Charles Darwin's evolution theory
  6. Bacterial adaptation to antibiotics
  7. How steroids work for muscle formation
  8. How heredity was discovered in the history of science
  9. What are the biochemical properties of yeasts?
  10. Why do people become asymptomatic
  11. Investigating the nature of Tourette syndrome.
  12. Can cell structures be inherited?
  13. Can problems like bipolar disorder be inherited?
  14. What are the genetic makeup and differences between endothermic and ectotherms
  15. Factors responsible for the weakened immune system
  16. Cells reaction to medicine
  17. Chemotherapy and its adverse effects on man
  18. Emotional and mental effects of using hard drugs
  19. How the body gets intoxicated by drugs
  20. The breakdown of cocaine composition

More Interesting Biology Topics

  1. Why living things may exist outside planet earth
  2. How epigenetics remains evident in everyday life
  3. Some of the tiniest organisms visible beyond the human naked eye
  4. The oldest living creatures, and why they have a low mortality rate
  5. Why matchmaking genotypes is important before raising kids
  6. The role of inhalers in easing asthmatic attacks in patients
  7. Are there living things that do not die?
  8. The practice of transplanting organs
  9. The science of developing test-tube babies
  10. Why rats are more often used in conducting lab experiments
  11. The biological analysis behind homosexuality
  12. The link between addiction and the human health
  13. The different and safest means of aborting a pregnancy
  14. An insight into Mars ability to harbor and develop life
  15. Why human beings may not survive for a long period without water
  16. The biological explanation of why living things get hungry and need food to survive
  17. The possibility of a living artificial intelligent robot
  18. The origin of the separation of humans into different races
  19. Why do viruses need living hosts to survive?


The topics of biology cover a wide range of fields. You should pick the biology essay topics that interest you and get to writing.