75 Biology Research Topics for College

Conducting science research in colleges can be satisfying. However, deciding the best science research topics for college students may be tasking. There are a variety of biology research topics for colleges, and they have been compiled here to make your research easier.

Science Research Topics for College Students

Biology Research Topics for College Students on Human beings

  1. What are the differences between human and nonhuman primates?
  2. Critically analyzing Charles Darwin's theory of human evolution
  3. Is the cloning of humans the breakthrough in the science world?
  4. Some significant distinctions between the male and female reproductive organs
  5. Evaluating the different kinds of childbirth that women go through
  6. Why puberty is an important cycle of growing up?
  7. Death: the mortality rate of humans
  8. Why the body gets weaker as one age?
  9. The primary reasons why humans seem to evolve faster than other primates
  10. Understanding the function of the brain as the motherboard of the body
  11. The differences between humans and other mammals
  12. The extremely important organs in the human body
  13. The factors responsible for hereditary
  14. An insight into the ovulation cycle of females
  15. Childbirth: why female bodies change after childbirth?

Scientific Research Topics for College Students on Human Behavior

  1. Understanding the biological causes of homosexuality
  2. Different ways that exercising can affect the health
  3. Why a child's intelligence may be inherited from the mother?
  4. Can depression be regarded as a medical problem?
  5. Ways that exercising affects the physical appearance
  6. Why owning a pet can reduce depression?
  7. Is puberty a major reason for the teen rebellion?
  8. Lucid dreaming: can people live in their dream?
  9. What is the benefit of dieting?
  10. What is the explanation for increased sex drive in people and animals?
  11. Why nightmares are a common occurrence?
  12. Is pride in humans triggered by a biological reason?
  13. Intermittent fasting: the benefits of intermittent fasting to the health
  14. Why are dogs considered to be humans’ best friends?
  15. What are the characteristics of the heat period in females?
  16. Reflex behavior: what triggers unconditional blinking?
  17. Why do humans get emotional?
  18. What are the leading causes of drugs addiction?

Scientific Research Topics for College Students on Plants

  1. Weeds: the negative impacts of weeds on healthy plants
  2. Do plants have an immune system?
  3. Are pesticides dangerous to plant life?
  4. The connection between butterflies and plants
  5. Labeling the different parts of a plant
  6. What is the importance of the stem in plants?
  7. What are the factors responsible for the healthy growth of flowers?
  8. Do plants need oxygen to survive?
  9. Photosynthesis: its meaning and importance to plants
  10. What are the different nutrients that can be gotten from fertilizers?

Science Research Topics for College Students on Animals and Primates

  1. Does the domestication of wild animals affect their mortality?
  2. The importance of Primatology
  3. Fight instinct in the jungle: how lions battle for supremacy within a pride?
  4. Can primate organs be used for human transplants?
  5. Animal health: what is the importance of animal care?
  6. The lifespan of monkeys
  7. The pattern of prey and predators in the wild
  8. Why a herd of zebras may never ward off predators in unison
  9. Body structures: what is the technique involved in the drinking pattern of giraffes?
  10. Different ways that wild animals show affection to their young ones
  11. What are the factors responsible for species extinction?
  12. What are the distinguishing features of wild cats and domestic cats?
  13. Analyzing the skeletal system of apes

More Interesting Biology Research Topics for College Students

  1. Human adaptation to winter over time
  2. What are the dangers of ultraviolet light to the human skin?
  3. Free radicals: the effect of toxins on the internal organs
  4. What are some natural nutrients that the body produces on its own?
  5. Can supplements help the body repair worn-out cells?
  6. Do viruses and microorganisms have cells?
  7. What are some of the diseases that target the cells?
  8. Why coronavirus is one of the deadliest viruses?
  9. How infections develop resistance to antibiotics
  10. Staphylococcus: why there might be a recurring infection of staphylococcus aureus in the body
  11. Acid rain: the negative effects of acid rain on living organisms
  12. Bacterias that may be safe for living things
  13. How do penguins survive their harsh icy environment?
  14. What are the possible side effects of alcohol consumption?
  15. An insight into the structure of cells
  16. The differences between the cell structure of humans, animals, and plants
  17. Cancer: understanding the primary reasons for cell malfunctioning
  18. What are the functions of the cells in the body?
  19. Food supplements: the benefits of including food supplements in your diet


The science research topics for college students you need to put your research in motion have been listed here.