100 Science Topics for Research Papers

Science is visible in nearly everything that we do on earth. Every day, new findings are made in science, and old discoveries are updated. Science research topics are one of the core elements in research projects. Many interesting topics in science can serve as awesome ideas for science research projects. For research projects, your scientific research topics have to meet your interest and purpose of research. A good scientific topic for research papers should be precise and informative. In this article, you'll find a scientific research topics list that suits the needs of your research papers.

Interesting Scientific Topics to Research for Your Paper


Astronomy Science Research Papers Topics


  1. Are comets the same as stars?
  2. How long can a person survive in space?
  3. The customized suits for astronauts and why other outfits may be unsuitable for space travel
  4. How many planets and galaxies exist in the universe?
  5. Space transportation: the features and importance of rockets
  6. How calculating speed velocity helps in launching rockets?
  7. The distance between the earth and space
  8. What does it mean to measure light speed?
  9. What scientists hope to achieve with traveling outside earth
  10. Why gravity fails in space?
  11. Do aliens exist outside earth?
  12. Why have there been no astronauts in the sun?
  13. What are the important machines used to perform space experiments?
  14. Is Mars a better settling option to resolve the problem of overpopulation on earth
  15. The potentials that space resources hold
  16. Do spaceships exist?

Science Topics to Research on Geology and Mining

  1. What are the extremely important machines used in excavation sites?
  2. Rare gems: how the value of precious stones is measured?
  3. The component of rocks
  4. What are the distinguishing factors between rocks and sands?
  5. Some important precious metals worth evaluating
  6. Why geology remains an important part of science?
  7. The difference between earth rocks and rocks from space
  8. How do precious metals become buried underground?

Diseases and Experiments Scientific Topics to Research

  1. Why experiments are important in scientific findings?
  2. The different ways therapeutic techniques have improved over time
  3. What are the possible ways of preventing chronic diseases?
  4. Factors that trigger allergies in people
  5. The makeup of the novelle Coronavirus
  6. How artificial insulin helps diabetic patients manage their condition
  7. Science's contribution towards helping disabled people live normal
  8. The functions of the iron lung compared to oxygen
  9. The nature of CT scan for diagnostic
  10. How scientific breakthrough on HIV medication has helped make the disease less deadly?
  11. Do mermaids exist?
  12. Discussing some failed scientific experiments that have resulted in global crises
  13. The process of artificial insemination
  14. How forensic scientists get their jobs done?
  15. How the human body works together?
  16. Are human zombies real?

Science Topics for Research Paper on the history and future of science

  1. The science behind mass extinction of a species
  2. The possibilities of perfect human cloning
  3. What is the future of robots inventions?
  4. The possibilities of cars that fly
  5. Science ability to foretell the future
  6. The possibility of creating time travel machines
  7. Evaluating past achievements of NASA
  8. An insight into how science has made life easier over time
  9. The scientific explanation of the big bang theory
  10. The history of airplanes invention
  11. Holograms: is there a future of instant teleportation with science?

Interesting Science Topics on Computer and Technology

  1. The functional differences between iOS and Android devices
  2. What validates the accuracy of archaeological excavations?
  3. The invention of electricity
  4. What does virus mean in the computer world?
  5. The evolution of computers from the time of invention
  6. How computers have been made to do smarter things
  7. The meaning of coding and programming
  8. The technology of retinal security pass
  9. Does the iron man suit exist?
  10. Can an artificial brain keep a person alive?
  11. Why cars can drive themselves
  12. The differences between past and present communication patterns
  13. How satellite can be used for different purposes?
  14. Why games have become more advanced and important over time?
  15. Encryption and coding for safeguarding important information
  16. Why safes are difficult to crack?
  17. How do artificial hearts work?
  18. Why do tech jobs pay higher than other jobs?

Engineering and Architecture Cool Science Topics

  1. The relationship between science and math
  2. Can air turbulence during flights be eradicated?
  3. The role of science in erecting structures
  4. The improvement in road construction
  5. What are the meaning and features of geoengineering?
  6. How dams produce electricity?
  7. How are bridges successfully constructed over water?
  8. 3D printing: the mechanics that power 3D printing
  9. The differences between engineering aided by computers and manual engineering
  10. Why electric cars are considered better than cars fuelled by gas?

Other Interesting Science Topics

  1. The scientific theory for acid rain: its composition and effects on living things
  2. Grenades: why you must never pull the pin unless when necessary
  3. Why seeds buried in the soil germinate and produce multiple fruits?
  4. Natural disasters: the reasons for volcanic erosions and their effect on the environment
  5. What is the ozone layer?
  6. How do snakes swallow animals that are twice their size?
  7. Can global warming be corrected?
  8. The possibility of the ozone layer repairing itself
  9. An insight into the composition of the galaxy
  10. Analyzing the power of the atomic bomb and its effects during the second world war

Cool Science Topics on Biology

  1. Cancer: science's ability to curb and prevent the common reoccurrence of cancer
  2. Drugs and medication: do traditional herbs and processed tablets perform the same functions?
  3. What are the differences between natural oxygen and artificial oxygen?
  4. The ability of different animal species to adopt camouflage as a defense mechanism
  5. How do the cells make up the human body?
  6. Deforestation: What are the importance of preserving trees and flowers?
  7. Childbirth: what happens when a woman suffers contractions during labor?
  8. What happens after the flatline: is there a life after a person dies?
  9. Analyzing the differences between DNA and cells
  10. Why is it important for viruses to have a living host to survive?
  11. What is the rationale behind stem cell treatment?


Your science research papers topics must be carefully picked because they determine how well your paper turns out. There are many science topics to write about. You can make your choice of science topic for research paper from the scientific topics for research papers listed in this article.