45+ Most Interesting Human Biology Research Topics

Human beings are usually the leading subject matter when it comes to biology. This is because whether you're dealing with species, animals, plants, or the ecosystem, the superiority of human intelligence would always come to the fore. Making research in biology would more often than not revolve around how to make human life better. There are many topics in human biology that you can research. They vary from food, health, reproduction, evolution, and adaptation.

Research Topics in Human Biology


  1. Managing Downs syndrome: what are the common features of down syndrome?
  2. The human immune system: what are the components of the human immune system?
  3. Sickle cell anemia: the importance of checking blood compatibility before mating
  4. Infection: what are the ways to help the body fight off infections on its own?
  5. Obesity: what are the possible ways to help people suffering from obesity lose weight effectively?
  6. Dieting: the importance of eating the right meals for a healthy and longer life
  7. Diabetes: is diabetes a hereditary condition or it develops over time?
  8. Cancer: the causes of cancer and preventive measures to avoid developing the disease
  9. Life support: how does the life support machine work to keep dying people alive?
  10. Growth and development: the different stages of growth from childbirth to old age and death
  11. Exercising: what are the benefits of regular lightweight exercises to the heart?
  12. Red blood cells: the components and characteristics of red blood cells in the human body
  13. How HIV/AIDS declined from being the deadliest disease that tormented man?

Body Structure

  1. The human brain: its structure and functions to the body
  2. The differences in the skeletal structure of male and female adults and children
  3. Dwarfism: the preventive measures to avoid children having this condition
  4. Albinism: what are the characteristics of albinos, and how can their condition be managed?
  5. What are the primary reasons for the height differences among humans?
  6. Hermaphrodites: why some people are born with both the male and female organs
  7. Joints: the different kinds of joints in the human body and how they make human mobility possible
  8. The consistency of saliva: how does the body produce saliva?
  9. What are the determinants of racial features?
  10. The human hand: how important are each of the fingers in performing activities with the hands?

Human Behavior

  1. Marriages: why certain genetic makeup and blood groups are considered incompatible for marriage
  2. Relationships: how does being around loved ones improve health?
  3. Hiccups: what is the scientific explanation for consistent hiccups
  4. Will every human that lives till old age develop a chronic disease?
  5. What is responsible for humans passing out gas by belching and farting
  6. Death: why the mortality rate of humans keeps increasing
  7. How the brain handles addiction
  8. Why do people crave participation in wild activities?


  1. Childbirth: an insight into labor and the different procedures for childbirth
  2. Barrenness: how fibroid affects a women's ability to bear children
  3. The role of the male spermatozoa and Y chromosome in reproduction
  4. DNA: how do the DNA and genes of parents affect the health and physical appearance of children?
  5. The male and female body changes that occur during sexual intercourse
  6. A critical analysis of the structure of the womb
  7. What is the science behind surrogacy?
  8. The scientific explanation for reproducing multiple babies at the same time

General Topics

  1. The spinal structure: the importance and features of the spinal cord
  2. Anti-Aging: ways to restore the energy and youthful look of adults
  3. Why do people develop speech problems?
  4. A critical look into hair structure, hair loss, and excessive hair in humans
  5. The scientific rationale behind mother and child bonding
  6. Are vegetarians healthier than non-vegetarians?
  7. The menstrual cycle: why women bleed every month until they reach menopause


There are many branches of biology that concern human beings in general. You can spice up your research with the topics in human biology listed here