Topics and Learning Activities in Biology for High School

Biology is often taught in high schools with each topic tailored to suit various grades. Different high school biology topics would have learning activities to make studying fun and understandable. Hence, high school students may have to carry out research on their own that would require picking out an interesting topic.

Features of Science Research Topics for High School

- Topics Should Match the Grade

Biology is a very broad field of study that could take a lifetime if you're attempting to study it. The same topic may be taught in high school, colleges, and master’s programs, but in a different and more advanced way. Hence, it is important that your biology topics for high school cover only the areas that concern high school students.

- The Topics Must be Concise

Seeing that biology is extremely broad, you want to be precise and brief about your high school topics for biology. A topic that is too broad may result in too bulky research that doesn't seem to come to an end. There are many smaller units of biology that high school students can research on.

- Each Topic Must be Researchable

When picking biology topics for high school, you must consider if the topics are researchable. Do you have access to the resources and time for proper research? For instance: can you make archeological findings on fossils? Simpler topics can also give the thrill of exploration without making research burdensome to students.

In this article, there are more than a handful of researchable science research topics for high school students that would spike your interest.

Scientific Research Topics for High School Students

Research Topics on Cells and Microorganisms

  1. What is a cell?
  2. Do all living things including plants have cells?
  3. In what ways can we help the cells perform better?
  4. How does osmosis work?
  5. What are the easiest ways to kill germs on the skin
  6. What is the relationship between cancer and cells?
  7. What is the importance of the immune system?
  8. Do animals have cells?
  9. What is the difference between bacteria and bacteria?
  10. Cell division: can cells be broken into smaller units?
  11. Where are some of the places that bacteria live?
  12. Can Coronavirus survive without a host?

Science Research Topics for High School on Botany

  1. Why do plants need fertilizers often?
  2. Unwanted plants: the scientific explanation for how weeds grow without intentionally planting them?
  3. The differences between flowers and food crops
  4. Why butterflies love to perch on beautiful flowers
  5. The different parts of a flower
  6. What are the differences between annuals and perennials?
  7. What is the importance of photosynthesis to plants?
  8. Understanding the idea of crossbreeding with plants
  9. Rare plants with rare features: carnivorous plants
  10. What part of plants is responsible for the coloration of leaves?

Biology Research Topics for High School on Human Beings

  1. Essential organs: what are the importance of the eyes to humans?
  2. Why are the ears referred to as the organs of balance?
  3. How can we maintain and protect the skin from germs?
  4. What are enzymes, and what functions do they perform?
  5. The human history of evolution: Charles Darwin's history of evolution
  6. What is the importance of drinking water to the human body?
  7. Describe the digestive system of the human stomach
  8. Reproduction: explaining the process of human reproduction
  9. Why human males cannot bear children?
  10. The distinguishing features between male and female reproductive organs
  11. What does it mean for a person to die?
  12. What is the meaning and functions of DNA?
  13. Why every individual has a distinct thumbprint pattern
  14. Why is the human brain known as the motherboard of man?
  15. Human intelligence: what controls the IQ level of man?
  16. Blood and body fluids: what are the components of the human blood?
  17. What is the difference between male spermatozoa and female eggs?
  18. What are the dominant chromosomes in gender determination?

Scientific Research Topics for High School Students About Animals

  1. The growth cycle of butterflies
  2. Insects: why are ants known to be the most hardworking insects?
  3. What are the differences between wild and domestic animals?
  4. What are the features of reptiles?
  5. The distinguishing factors between prey and predators in the wild
  6. What are the features of mammals?
  7. What are rare species of animals?
  8. Why reptiles are not mammals?
  9. Distinguishing features between tigers, cheetahs, and leopards
  10. Intelligent animals: why dolphins are smarter than most animals?
  11. Different kinds of sharks and their features

Other Interesting High School Biology Topics

  1. Microorganisms: the meaning of viruses
  2. The importance of oxygen for the survival of living things
  3. Some common characteristics of living things
  4. Is the Coronavirus a living thing?
  5. The key sensory organs of living things
  6. The proof that life exists in outer space
  7. What are the functions and anatomy of the lungs?
  8. How the body reacts to the daily invasion of free radicals
  9. Why do genes create room for inheriting certain diseases?

Some Learning Activities in Biology for a High School

  1. Plant a simple crop and monitor its growth process
  2. Dissect a flower and identify its important parts
  3. Watch the hatching of a chicken's egg
  4. Compare the fingerprints of different people
  5. Collect different flowers or plants and monitor their life cycle
  6. Get a baby animal of your choice and document the growth cycle


Studying and making research in biology is fun and exciting because of the broad nature of the subject. The fun is heightened when there are awesome learning activities to make studying interesting. To achieve the best research, you need the best scientific research topics for high school students.